Structured Wiring

Back to basics


Knowing what to wire can be intimidating. We can help you through the process or you can simply go by our minimum recommendations listed below.


You may have considered eliminating your home telephone, but it is the most reliable source of communication today. We recommend to wire at least 1 or 2 locations. Use it for a fax machine in the office or plug in a cordless phone to use throughout your home.


Wireless internet should be used for your mobile devices, but we recommend hardwiring other internet devices to ensure you don’t bog your bandwidth.

Most devices use internet these days; TV’s, Blu Ray players, etc. It’s a good idea to run ethernet cable to all of your TV locations, and the home office.  We also recommend running at least 1 wireless access point in larger scale homes. 


Standard wiring practice is to run coaxial cable to each TV location.  Don’t only think about what TV’s you have currently, but also what you may need in the future. You may not want your little one to have a TV now, but, they won’t stay little forever!

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