Motorized Shades

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 Not only will your shades block the glare on your television screen, but they will operate in unison and stay aligned with shades in adjacent windows.

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Shades are a common choice for homeowners that want to cover their window to block light or protect privacy. They are sleek in appearance, easy to maintain, and durable.


Manually opening/closing the shades can be a real hassle,  especially if the windows are large. By installing motorized shades, you can raise/lower them with the touch of a button.


Motorized shades can move in one fluid movement to the right spot. If you have a bank of windows, every shade can move in alignment. *


Integrate shades to operate in a random pattern rather than on a predictable schedule, giving your home a real lived-in appearance.


Reduce heating/cooling costs by scheduling shades to open during winter days to let the sun in, and to close during summer days to keep the sun out.

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